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FBA Product research will include:

 •Top 35 keywords analysis

 •Product with monthly revenue $8000-$30,000+

 •Profit margin with 30%-55% with max ROI 100%-150%

 •Top competitors BSR and Price analysis

 •Product having rating 3.5+

 •Average selling price $15-$50

•No Trademark or Patent Issue

•No Seasonality

•A Complete Sourcing Guide.

•PPC Launch Plan

•Recommendation of 5 Verified suppliers.

•Differentiation ideas.

Product research for USA, UK, DE & CA

Amazon Management Services:

•Handle customer service

•Brand creative

•Trademark search

•Product marketing

•Product images

•Product listing creation

Business Credit Building Roadmap Breakdown:

•We will make sure your business entity is set up properly from name, address, phone, email, website also check if anyone is using your name..

•We than will add your business to 75 directories from day one which takes about 7 days to show up.

•Once listed in directories, we than move to add 3 net-30 tradelines with line of credit between $1,000-$3,000. Once these tradelines start reporting than we move to second tier within 30 days.

•After 30 days and tradelines reporting, we than add 3 Store credit tradelines with credit lines of $4,000-$15,000.

•Once second tiers reporting, we move to third tier and add 4 gas tradelines with credit line of $15,000-$40,000

•Once third tier start reporting, we than move to fourth tier and than we add cash cards tradelines with credit lines of $50,000-$100,000. This will be your last tier giving you 14 tradelines of $100,000 in business credit.

•Than after completion of building a strong business credit, we will move your business to our funding credit union banks that we built relationships with to get you business funding with your EIN without personal guarantees and NO documents. 

Diamond Package With AmazonFBA Management - Business Profile Builder Program

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