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With this Business Profile Builder Program Gold Package, you get everything in silver package plus more tradelines in 120 Days. We will check that your business meet all Lenders approval standards so your business can pre-qualify. We will contact you to make sure your Business is setup correctly, so Lenders don't red flag your business. 
Your Personal Finance Care Specialist will create a custom Finance Blueprint that is only suitable for your business. We will also guide you in Applying for 14 Tradelines. 
**Each tradeline is required a minimum purchase of $50 each, totaling $150 that you pay to your vendor creditor. (We don't collect these funds.) Your purchase with your Vendor's are needed, so your business can establish a tradeline reporting on your Business Profile. 

What You Get With This Package:
Your business lines will encompass four tiers/levels of business credit, to include:
Net-30 Accounts (3 tradelines) 
Low-End Revolving Accounts (3 tradelines)
Mid-Range Revolving Accounts (4 tradelines)
High-End Revolving Accounts (4 tradelines)
Top tier creditors will include: MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express business accounts.
Clients will finish our program in 120 Days, with 14 trade accounts, $100,000 in business lending, and an "A" rating established under their company name, provided they have followed our program guidelines.

Gold Package 120 Days Plus 14 Tradelines

2 597,97$ Prix original
798,97$Prix promotionnel
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